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Them Scoundrels are an alternative rock band from Long Island, New York. Them Scoundrels were formed in the fall of 2012 as a power rock trio featuring vocalist/guitarist Rich Morton, bassist Joe Crotty, and drummer Anthony Priolo. In 2014, Them Scoundrels recorded their self-tilted EP at Sabella's Studio with the guidance and expertise of Jim Sabella and Matt Murphey. Their self-tilted EP illustrates the band's ability to create diverse musical forms that transcend alternative, hard rock, punk, ska/reggae, and folk music to formulate a unique and eclectic sound characterized by the core human emotions of love, loss, grief, and hope. Them Scoundrels have worked diligently and passionately to create a musical paradigm that is indicative of their love for music, and most importantly, their commitment to contribute to contemporary songwriting and performance. In 2018, Tara Terrah joined Them Scoundrels as co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, bringing a new unrefined and aggressive resonance to the band’s music. In April 2021, Them Scoundrels released their second EP, Disillusioned, a a concept album regarding the trials and tribulations we all must face in modernity. The EP was produced under the meticulous guidance of Jast Collum of Freedom Soundworks. Disillusioned demonstrates Them Scoundrels unique ability to harness a myriad of genres to create their eclectic and genuine sound, while staying true to their principles, convictions, and musical vocation. Over the course of the preceding years, Them Scoundrels have performed and shared their music at a diverse array of respected music venues in Long Island and New York City, including Mr. Beery's, Revolution, K.J. Farrell's, Arlene’s Grocery, Connolly’s Klub 45, Pianos, and 89 North.


Long Island, NY


Alternative Rock

Years Active:

2012- Present





Them Scoundrels - Promo Video (2022) 

Filmed at Crescent Sound Studios

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Contact: Rich Morton





March 16, 2022 by Punk Rock Mag

"Them Scoundrels have created a unique, diverse, and eccentric sound that embodies the essence of sixty years of rock and roll music. This Indie/alternative rock and roll band from Long Island, New York released their EP “Disillusioned” contains 4 tracks recorded at Freedom Soundworks.

Their self-tilted EP illustrates the band’s ability to create diverse musical forms that transcend alternative, hard rock, punk, ska/reggae, and folk music to formulate a unique and eclectic sound characterized by the core human emotions of love, loss, grief, and hope.

If you look at the cover of the EP you could imagine that it is something violent musically, but what is really violent is its lyrics. The band seems to have an impressive ability to distort and experiment with sounds."



"Them Scoundrels"

March 12, 2022 by Todd Silver of Long Island Music & Entertainment (LIME)

"We here at LIME would like to introduce you to a great sounding rock band.  Them Scoundrels, which have been on the scene since 2012 are an alternative rock band that sure packs the punch when it comes to performing and releasing tunes.  Starting off as trio (Joe Crotty, Rich Morton and Anthony Priolo), Them Scoundrels now has two ep's and have no plans of stopping any time soon.

The bands debut ep which was self titled dropped two years after their existence.  Not only was the main purpose of it was to let Long Island know who Them Scoundrels were, but it was also to show people the bands ability to combine a variety of music all in one.  


Them Scoundrels is a band that can jam by performing as an alternative rock band to punk to ska and everything else in between.  The sound that the band puts together is truly great and if you are a fan of any of the above genres listed, Them Scoundrels is a band you should definitely be checking out.  The lyrics of the tracks is quite unique as well.  Not only do Them Scoundrels like to rock but they also put their emotions into each and everyone of their songs.  By listening to them you would feel anything from  love, loss, grief and hope.  Writing and creating songs to all of those really shows the creativity of the band and also showcases how passionate they are to making music.  

About a little less then a handful of years after releasing the self entitled ep, Them Scoundrels added some female flavor to their line up by adding Tara Terrah to the mix.  Terrah joined as co-lead vocalist and can rock with the boys quite well.  Her voice goes along great with Morton's (lead vocalist) as clearly heard when the band released their second ep titled Disillusioned.

Disillusioned which came out in the spring of 2021 contains four songs which highlights the bands new sound with Terrah.  The back and forth of her and Morton on each track is really fun to listen to and it really makes it fun to get to know the band and their style.  Tracks from the ep include "Noelle", "Bridges" which personally is our fave of the four, "Most Beautiful Girl" and "Ready To Run".  Recorded at Freedom Soundworks in Levittown, Disillusioned is one of those ep's that have that great local sound mixed with a really professional, clear sound that would make any Them Scoundrels fan or any new fan proud to listen to.

Not only does Them Scoundrels have the two albums to credit themselves, but they are no strangers to some of the popular stages that Long Island has to offer.  The band has already played Mr. Beerys, the former Revolution, KJ Farrells and 89 North.  Since the world is on the comeback trail, we here at LIME can't wait to see what the future holds for our friends in Them Scoundrels.  Please check them out if you see them come to your town.  For more info on them you can go ahead and check them out on line at"

From Long Island Music & Entertainment (LIME), March 12, 2022


"The Art of the EP with The Scoundrels"

March 14, 2017 by Richard Lyne 

"As I prepare for my interview later this month with Long Island rock band The Scoundrels, I have been listening extensively to the five tracks that form their debut EP. Before you read that conversation, however, I think it would be helpful to understand exactly what makes a record an EP and why the self-titled Scoundrels EP drew my interest.


An EP (short for “extended play”) is an interesting format for new music releases, and one that we don’t discuss much on this program. Typically, the Appetizer focuses on albums, because these require the most crafting and allow for the most listener exploration of the artist. However, that doesn’t rule out any place for the EP in the world of music. Coming in at about 25 minutes or less, extended plays have been popular in the indie and punk rock spheres. They feature more tracks than a single, but they don’t require the same time commitment as a traditional LP album.

Particularly in my pieces on Matt Steady, I have talked about albums as full compositions where each track contributes to the themes and tones the artist builds over the course of a dozen-ish songs. I treat them like novels – they can be pored over, analyzed, and discussed pretty extensively if you commit to spending the time with them. The Scoundrels’ EP provides a quintessential counterpart to that idea; it’s a sampler platter where the selection of just a few tracks gives us less to focus on. Each track comes under more scrutiny, but commands a larger fraction of our attention as a result. Take a listen to the final track, which is full of somber longing.

Here we get a taste of lyrical expressiveness and emotional reflection not as prominent in tracks that are more grounded in the power of the electric guitar and drum backing. It comes as a sharp contrast to tracks like “No Win” that showcase instrumental prowess.

I could go through each track and explain how each covers a different base, so to speak. They are certainly unique from one another, and all are interesting enough to break down. When the interview comes around, you can indeed expect more of that analysis, which will benefit immeasurably from the actual input of the creators. Instead, this has been more about EPs in general. What are experiencing in The Scoundrels – EP is not like a single which showcases just a couple of tracks to garner publicity but does little to help us know more about the band. Nor is it an album, which has to sacrifice brevity for the sake of a bigger work of art. There’s less of a smooth progression, so it can feel like a more abrupt shift in tone as we flip from track to track.  Instead, they manage to capture five very different examples of the different sides of their music. It’s as though they hunted down and isolated "those tracks which were the most different from one another. And with only five tracks to listen to, we’re able to experience that contrast far more sharply than if it were a journey laid out over ten or fifteen tracks.

I’m eager to learn more about how these songs were chosen and how they fit together, but I’m even more excited to learn what’s coming next for these Scoundrels. Stay tuned!"

From "The Appetizer Radio Show", March 14, 2017

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